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Progressive Aeration with Bio Reactor

  • Baffled / Isolated Aeration tanks for stage-wise treatment.

  • Uses state-of-the-art sludge free technology.

  • Uses very less footprint area, and saves up to 50% of electric consumption.

  • Uses cylindrical-shaped PE carrier added in the aerated or nonaerated basin to support biofilm growth.

  • Reduction of contamination up to 97% of influent characteristics. Removal of minimum 60% of BOD load in each stage

  • Biomass grows primarily on the protected surface on the inside of the carriers. Air agitation or mixers are used to continuously circulate carriers.

  • The perforated core inside the reactor keeps biofilm carrier inside the tank.



  • Does not require civil tanks for reactors, and hence reduces more than 60% of the project cost.

  • Minimum guarantee of 10 years for the tanks, for all manufacturing defects, and does not have any corrosion problems, and periodical maintenance.

  • Out water quality is of two times better quality than that of any modern technology Sewage treatment systems*

  • Capital cost towards Ultrafiltration is not required since the treated water from SEPROB reactor is almost Ultrapure.

  • Power consumption is less than 50% of any conventional STP technology

  • STP can run only for 16 hours (2 x 8 hours) per day

  • Uses latest ENZOBAC Bio-Enzyme for Sludge-less treatment

  • Can be commissioned within 5 days from the date of installation.  CKD structure and does not have MS parts.

  • The plant can be stabilized within 5 days from any worst condition of sewage infection.

  • No problems with odors, snails or red-worms as in air phase fixed films.

  • Nonclogging design.

  • Is a progressive system and biofilm thickness is maintained by the aeration-mixing process.

  • Smaller footprints.

  • Can be operated at varying influent load

  • Can be easily retrofitted.

Final Output.png

Output Water Quality

Comparison between MBBR vs SEPROB

(for 50 kld system)