Innovative self-cleaning microfiber water filters for treatment as fine as 2 micron

Main Features:

  • TSS, NTU & SDI reduction for potable and waste water applications

  • Effective removal of Giardia Cysts

  • Cartridge performance without cartridge replacement

  • Outperforms traditional sand media systems

  • Pre-filtration for R.O. desalination and other sub micron systems

  • Provide complete water treatment and filtration solutions for Municipalities

  • Environmentally friendly no chemical treatment required

Amiad's AMF product-line consists of the following models:

  • AMF-36K for up to 30 m³/h (132 US gpm)

  • AMF-93K for up to 50 m³/h (220 US gpm)

  • AMF-370K for up to 320 m³/h (1410 US gpm)

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